Sunday, August 21, 2011

Icky Mirror turned Beautiful Chalkboard

So, if you remember that dresser that I re-did a while back, there was something I left off about that.  That dresser used to be my step-daughter's dresser.  So I wanted to try to use all of the pieces of it. I have a plan for the knobs I took off, but the piece I re-did this time, was the mirror that went to the dresser.

Here are a few of the before pics:

Here you can see how bubbled the frame was.  My husband thought I was crazy more than a few times when I said I wanted to re-do this mirror.  The mirror, he said, accurately was total crap.  You can see the streaks and marks all over it, even at it's cleanest.  There was a lovely sticker I had to remove first. 
I seriously LOVE this stuff. After the sticker was gone, I sanded:

I had to sand a lot to get all the bubbling out of the wood.  Once it was all sanded, I primed and painted the wood portion.  After that was fully dry, I spray painted the mirror portion with the chalkboard paint. 

I didn't get any pics of the painting process, mainly because I mostly did it at night after all the cleaning and other stuff was done before the kids came.  Buuuuuttttttt here is the finished product.

I'm pleased with the way it came out, and right now it's sitting over my desk in the second room. I wrote a few quotes on it for now, just a few of my favorite.  :) Now all there is to do is a few sewing projects and the spare room will be completely done!! :) Can't wait to show it off!

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