Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Diamond Tufted Headboard....The "Reveal"

So this was a longer process than I thought.  Turns out, there are good and bad ways of attaching or hanging your headboard to the wall.  Since we live in an apartment, hanging the headboard from the wall=bad.  Mainly because of the size of the holes and type of hardware that it would require in order to securely hang the headboard from the wall.  So, attaching the headboard to the frame became the option.  This is fairly easy, once you know what you're doing (which I did not).  You find a few 2x4's.  Drill holes to match up to the frame, secure the 2x4's to the bed frame and then attach the headboard to the 2x4's.  Or can attach the headboard first.  Either way, really.  Just make sure you check the lines & ensure that the headboard is straight!

The reason the reveal was such a long process was because I decided I needed to find better sheets & paint before I put up pictures for the "after" for all to see.  No way was I going to show a half-assed picture after all the hard work I had put in!

So I painted. :) Oh, and I bought new sheets. In the opposite order actually. Bought sheets first, then painted.  I'm still not 100% done.....I'm waiting on a few Chinese lamps to arrive and I think I might paint the wall with the windows, but at least I am done with the headboard!!

Close up :)

And a full-room shot...
And a few more:

She was just so curious! lol, couldn't seem to understand why I was on the floor, but didn't want to play with her!