About Me

My Nerd Glasses :)
I am just a girl, trying to make my life better, prettier and more organized one day at a time.  I have a really awesome husband, who's been in the Air Force for the past 16 years (soon to retire, woo-hoo!!). We currently live in San Antonio, TX.  I'm going to be honest here, I'm not crazy about this city.  I've tried, but the city and I just don't seem to see eye to eye.

Anyway, I also have two step-kids (they don't live with us, but they do come & visit) who are pretty cool, and I'll be starting nursing school in October of 2011. Just in case that's not enough, we also have three dogs. Um, yeah, we're kinda crazy like that!  I'm excited to learn and grow and take each step to make my life better in any way I can! :)

Also, I love trying to take something old and kind of dingy and make it pretty again.  I love the feeling of having made something, it's so cool to look at a piece of furniture and know I made it with my own two hands!:)

This is our baby, Pepper
Me & My Honey

 This is my Old Man

And our lazy girl, lol, in her chair!