Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Apartment Gardener

So, I've been buying more and more organic lately.  After learning about all that crap in the food we eat, I feel embarrassed I didn't start sooner!  The thing is though, organic is E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E! Like, a whole, whole lot more expensive.  But, I do what I can here and there to trim so that we can buy the organic stuff and be good to our bodies.

That being said, the more and more I read about our food, the more and more I find myself really, really wanting to garden! BUT....I live in an apartment. A little two-bedroom-tiny-enough-as-it-is-no-room-for-a-garden-apartment.  And the dogs use our patio all the time, so converting the patio to a garden is out too, even a portion of it since our puppy isn't yet trained to not dig up the dirt.

All that doesn't stop me though! No-sir-ee-bob!  I want some garden fresh fruits and veggies and by George I WILL have them! So I bought some of that fancy organic dirt.  I was going to try to compost my own, but I'm kinda impatient and I need to get those seeds in dirt like, now.  And I bought some organic seeds.  Just a few varieties to start out with.  Spinach, rosemary, raspberries and tomatoes.  As I said, since I don't have a house, I had to get creative with my planting efforts! I've been converting anything (really, anything) into planters.  Candle holders we don't use anymore, old butter Tupperware dishes, pretty much anything I can put some fancy dirt and a few seeds in.  One plant here, another there, and so on.  I've lined my windowsills with the ones I've planted so far, and I'm even planning a trip up to goodwill this weekend to pick up a few more anything-can-be-planters.

I'm hoping this project goes well, I've never had a green thumb, but I'd really like to be able to grow something of my very own and eat it! (if this works out, watch out when we PCS and get into a house next year!!)

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