Sunday, March 13, 2011

Padded Headboard!

So my first project for my new blog! Very excited for this one too!

I've been wanting one of those fancy headboards......a-la:

Courtesy of Ballard Designs
Isn't she beautiful?

So, white anything isn't really my style, well, because, we get DIRTY around here! Seriously. We have three dogs. White=trouble. So I wanted black, but something that could easily be brushed off and won't attract every single dog hair in the room.  That would be bad.  Way, way bad.  If I wanted to frame some dog hair, I would.  Trust me.  I have plenty to go around.

So, back to my "little" project.  Turns out it ain't so "little".  First, I read about fifteen-bagillion other blogs and posts and how-to's on the subject.  Some good.  Some not so good. 

Because the project is in it's "final stage", I'll write up the full how-to-guide as well as post the pictures tomorrow.  It's late, and I'm wiped. 

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